Ghost Iris – Blind World

Danish Prog Mettalers Ghost Iris release. Ew LP Blind World on 17 February. These guys are on a serious upwards arc, being the most streamed Danish metal act of 2016. Now it may be worth putting some context into that statement. We’re talking about Denmark, the home of metal legends King Diamond and the very popular Volbeat. So this is some achievement.

So I’ve got my hands on a copy of new album Blind World to see what all the fuss is about.

Blind World

Gods of Neglect opens up the album showing off a strong tech metal sound with underlying groove. More controlled than most tech tracks and this gives it excellent drive and groove to head bang to. The vocals are deep and angry and I like it!

Save Yourself and The Flower of Life are infectious tracks. Save Yourself with its glitchy riffing and sing along hooks and The Flower of Life with a crowd pleasing chorus line and a machine gun outro. Two real high points on this album for me.

Pinnacle doesn’t quite hit the pinnacle for me (pun only slightly intended). There’s no denying it’s well performed and will probably be a popular track for many on this album, but for me it chops between a Sikth sounding style and a anthemic metal style which just doesn’t quite sit right with me. Had it stuck to the former rather than flirting with the latter, I might be singing a different tune.

No Way Out, happily returns me to the elements of the album I’m enjoying, clever riffs and good mixture of vocals, plenty of groove and mathy touches with an addition of a breakdown 2 minutes in which is heavier and dirtier than a muddy Elephants testicles.

Blind World, the title track, opens with an acoustic guitar and a spoken word, anti war sentiment (which is very good) and then smack, in the face with an S&M paddle of brilliance, the heavy, epic riff and lead line. It’s so good and so satisfying and like me (on a good day) only lasts 2 minutes. It’s more of an interlude than a track but whatever it is, I love it.

Time Will tell and The Silhouette follow this track both with decent offerings. Both offering some ball breaking heaviness as well as nice melodic moments, more so in the Sil which is a single release if ever I heard one.

After The Sun Sets very clever opening (I won’t ruin it, but the album to find out) introduces a track you’ll either love or not get. I love it. It sounds abrasive, off key, jazzy and funky in parts and it’s a good bit of music writing in my eyes. It comes together tunefully in the choruses bringing all in line nicely.

Detached nicely closes this album with an, in parts, agressively delivered bits of groove brilliance.



If your into Djent, some of the pummeling riffs will please you. If you like your technical music to have a softer more melodic side then this is the only album you’ll need to buy for a while. To some extent they remind me of the likes of Sikth. I think this album will go down very well with the Tech metal crowd but has enough melody and structure to please Proggers and even bring in a wider audience.

What is abundantly clear is an ear for detail in the song writing. There’s some fantastic musicianship and vocal performances on display here which really add something of value to this album.

You can pre order this album here.

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